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For those of you whose racing interests lie beyond the world of sportscars and Formula One, keep an eye out for Patrick in a couple of one-off stock car races he’s entered in for 2009. He’s driving in the ASA and the Camping World East and West Series on a few scattered “off” weekends, in an effort to gain more diverse racing experience. He’s on the record as stating that he wants to mature into a driver in the mold of Mario Andretti, AJ Foyt, Mark Donohue and Dan Gurney, who were legendarily fast in anything. He’s fully committed to his career with Porsche, and has a multi-year contract to continue racing for one of the world’s best brands. Patrick’s passion for racing and car culture knows no bounds — in the past month alone he’s ridden a SuperMoto bike, raced a stock car, worked on his hot rod, won the GT2 class at Long Beach and driven a tank. Chances are, if there were more than one tank, Patrick would have tried to race the other one. Next up on his racing ‘to-do’ list is racing the Baja 1000 and driving in a European rally.

Photo credit: Ken Spring

Photo credit: Oakley


Photo credit: Simon Cudby