Patrick Long Statement on New Role with Porsche

November 11, 2021

Pivot and point.

The day has come, and with a lot of support and after many conversations, I have made the choice to step out of a full-time racing role to start the next chapter of my career. Driving and racing will always remain part of my life, but they will no longer be the majority.

I have always maintained that professional motorsport is one of the most solid platforms to spring from into varied disciplines. What an amazingly accomplished, passionate, and competitive group to live amongst. Over the past 18 months I’ve had the chance to contemplate and craft my own script into my next chapter. It’s now time to start checking off some boxes and trekking into fresh territories.

I am thrilled to continue my relationship with Porsche and will now be working inside departments on both the road car product side as a Brand Ambassador as well as in my native motorsport field as a Competition Advisor for Porsche Motorsport North America. I’m relishing these fresh challenges with the brand that’s given me carte blanche in my development both on and off the track. It will be a little different not stepping into a car at Daytona in 2022, but you can trust that I will be there at the event with my competitive and business juices flowing.

Looking back at my 19-year factory driver journey leaves me with huge fulfillment and gratitude. As a kid racing karts, I only dreamed of one day getting to the big leagues, but never could I have imagined this run. Le Mans, Monaco, Indy, Daytona, Monza… racing and standing on the podium at these tracks is one hell of a tasty icing. Add in places like Bathurst, Sebring, Nurburgring, Fuji and the list morphs into a fantasyland I couldn’t have asked for.

My sincere thanks go to the principles and key decision makers inside of this company, as well as the factory and customer teams, who took a chance on a young kid from California back in 2002.

To my wife Lauren, my family, friends, teammates, and fans; I am so humbled to have felt the support and encouragement along this adventure. I look forward to the next two decades together.

Thank you,